Friday, November 19, 2010

Love lust (2010).

I've spent years of my life watching as time passed by. Looking back and wondering where it went. I would try to fall asleep at night, tossing and turning, feeling completely spent. I’d stare at my ceiling for hours contemplating what the next day would hold for me.

Tossing, turning
My mind is churning
My thoughts won't let me be

Every morning greets me with a list of a thousand things to do. The evening greets me with the knowledge that I’ll never be through. Success? Yes success makes me vow never again to fail. But reality strikes back and I find I’m chasing an invisible tail.

If every picture tells a story
Mine must be a mystery
I’ll keep dusting the frame

There's has be something more to my life than running in circles for a living; something better than just trying to get by. I seem to be missing some important piece to this puzzle that gives more meaning to my life.

I’ve lost sight of what I can achieve
I’ve forgotten who I’m supposed to be
So, at this time, I pray for peace

I’m so tired of living in hopeless places. I’ve immersed myself in this before. With people who were infatuated with my earthly things, and not concerned with love.  So I must fill my empty spaces with the understanding, caring, and trust.  To surround myself in the joy that heaven brings, instead of settling for love lust. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Good morning, my love (2010)

Good morning my love
How may I serve you today?
By cooking you pancakes?
By making you some juice?

What's that, you say?
You want to move in?
You want to start a family?

I would love to do that for you, in a year or two.
May I cook you a waffle first?